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volunteers together making a difference

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Refreshing the Human Spirit

Our Mission is to provide all sorts of nonperishable supply to Children in need, Families in need, Veterans in need, Individuals impacted by disaster, and People struggling with affordability issues. 

We help to empower other nonprofits to do more in their community.

Stewardship Of Resources

A Major Donor of Non-Perishable Supplies.

The Collection and distribution of

"Basic Need" items.

Helping people in need by providing them with necessary aid.

Assisting non-profit organizations by increasing their supply. 

Helping Children and Families in crisis.

Helping Veterans in need. 

Helping Hurricane & Fire victims.

Helping Elderly needing supplies. 

All donations are tax deductible.

 Provides supply for those in need.  



Everyone can help just a little. 

Aid and supply to individuals in need. Providing non-profit organizations with more supply for less.

Corporate Sponsor Recognition

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