Administer relief in South Florida . To help people in the Caribbean and Puerto Rico. To supply current nonprofit organizations and meet the individual basic needs of children and families with nonperishable supplies. 



Supply household items, personal  care items, hygiene products, School supplies, paper products, and more to individuals and    nonprofit agencies. 




Equip Agencies and Nonprofits with more supplies for less, increasing their impact. Our Goal is Free Supplies for Nonprofits. 

Current Project Launch
We are raising $25,000.00 to launch effectively.
Once raised we should run self sufficiently

Saving money while doing more to help Others

Picking different Tractor Trailer Drop Points

Saves on Leasing Space

Gives better access to the needs

1. Deerfield Beach-                  Spot Secured

2. Lake Worth-                         Pending

3. West Palm Beach-              Still Looking

4. Fort Lauderdale-                 Spot Secured

5. Others Locations-              Considering

Veteran Relief Project
Putting together 300-500 Veteran Hygiene Supply packages
to Donate to veterans in need. Each Package with a min. $100 Value.

Supply Packs for School Supplies and Home Hygiene