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We Maintain Low Overhead and High Generosity


Open Door Relief Center has been in the development phase for a few years. The recent tragic events that has bombarded our great country and territories moved us in a very powerful way. We felt the need to help our neighbors.

Open Door is a wonderful group of caring and loving people from many different backgrounds that have united together to have the greatest possible impact during these tough times. Some have been a part of very successful similar organizations in New York. These Organizations have had a tremendous and positive impact in their communities. They have gathered and distributed needed food and supplies both locally and to needy countries around the world. They have helped thousands of needs and countless people. We are honored to help meet more needs as they have.

We cannot sit back and do nothing while people are suffering. We noticed that many organizations were stepping in and doing some great things to help the hurting and alleviate suffering. We also noticed that they were being financially stretched due to the over whelming need. We have a plan that will help local organizations reach more needs, have a greater impact, and be less expensive.


Open Door Relief Center is a 501 (c) (3) organization as of January 1,2018.

Tractor trailer full of Supplies
We are Working To Become the #1 Donor of Non-Perishable Supplies to Other Non-profits and Families in Need
In South Florida
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