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Parkland Florida

Parkland Fl

Parkland Florida. By now you will have heard of this horrible incident that happened just within a short step from our home. Parkland FL is a beautiful area that looks like a park and was voted as one of the safest cities in Florida. How can this happen? What’s the solution? Gun laws? Mental health reform?

We will only truly be safe when the Hearts of Men are turned to Christ. People are hurting inside and without Christ to bring light and hope, they sit in a dark place all alone. Some places are darker than others. I know before I came to Christ, I was in a dark place as a child. I was prone to violence to myself and others. I was filled with so much anger that evil started to take a hold on me. I was all alone, and no one knew what was really going on inside me. When I came to Christ, I finally found the freedom of forgiveness. Light and Love embraced my heart and chased away all the darkness and hatred inside me. The love of Christ was like a warm gentle embrace in me. Meeting Christ Jesus changed my life forever. I can’t imagine where I would be today if I had not met Christ. I thank God every day for those who helped to introduce me to Him. This is the answer everyone is seeking. That’s why God has placed us here right now. To be a light in a dark place.

Consider a donation to Open Door Relief Center today. This Gift will help us to get in front of many needy people that need to see the love of Christ in action.

If you want to help the families of those hurting directly. Parkland has a go fund me page where you can give there too.

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