Danny Pack

Danny Packs are "NOT" a misspelling for a Fanny Pack. They represent Packs that we have put together for the Homeless; reminding us of our friend Danny. Danny was homeless on the streets of New York for three years. He almost didn't make it out alive on the streets. He was delusional, hearing voices, often hungry, and scared. It was not always that way. He was a famous makeup artist & hair stylist that work for the rich and famous all over the world. He went from riches to rags after an overdose aboard a yacht brought public attention. The industry supplied his addiction and turned their back on him when it became too public. He lost everything. He ended up taking every memory and identification he had and threw it in the trash, so that his family would not have to suffer hearing what happened to him; if he was ever found. I didn't know Danny when he was previously rich and famous. I didn't know Danny when he was homeless. I knew him when his life started over miraculously. Someone showed him love and the way to healing. He spent the end of his life helping others in NY to get off the streets and to find the same peace he had found and lived with for the rest of his life.

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