If you gave $25 what can happen?

Lets get help where its needed



If your getting this message consider helping out. You would be amazed how far $25 can go for everyone who reads this message. We will soon be getting a tractor trailer of supply for families in crisis, veterans in need, and others impacted from disasters. The need is really big but everyone can do a little. We really need your help now.

Consider this:

Family Households Below Poverty in the Past 2010-2012 ONLY IN BOCA RATON. FL was 19.7%

Population Below Poverty in the Past 2010-2012 ONLY IN

BOCA RATON FL was 27.4%

Female-headed Households with Related Children Below Poverty in the same area was over 49%

Source: B22005. RECEIPT OF FOOD STAMPS/SNAP IN THE PAST 12 MONTHS BY RACE OF HOUSEHOLDER Data Set: 2010-2012 American Community Survey 3-Year Estimates

If this is one city consider the need for all of South Florida.

Also Consider This:

NBC news reports over $200,000 Puerto Ricans have come to Florida since Hurricane Maria.

This means the need for Open Door Relief Center to get needed supplies to people in South Flroida is greater than ever.

How Open Door RC Plans To Help Out