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A Dream Come True



I am an avid coffee lover. I always have been. I also love to eat. Everything seemed fine except when I started to suffer from heartburn. Indigestion and acid reflux issues soon followed. I was seen by my doctor. A barium swallow determined that I had acid reflux. This was something I already knew. He gave me a prescription for Nexium. After reading the prescription warnings, I knew this was not a cure. To make matters worse, my insurance was not going to cover it. Nexium is a proton pump inhibiter. It shuts down the pumps that produce acid in your stomach. Your brain tells your body to overproduce acid when you stop using Nexium or similar products. It was very painful when I stopped using Nexium. I was very careful what I ate but I still had trouble.

One night while I was I was sleeping, I had a vivid dream. I was in a city, dressed in a fancy suit, and at a board meeting. I was there selling a new product to a company. I woke up and remembered every detail of the dream. This was very unusual for me. I specifically remembered the name of the product I was selling. It was a word that I never heard of. I did what any good husband does. I told my wife. She loves to research, and I knew she would get all the information needed about it.

Over the next couple months my wife continued researching this product. To my amazement, she had discovered it was an ancient remedy for indigestion. She researched every ingredient in this remedy. She spent many hours discovering modern ingredients that would offer me relief.

At this time, I had another experience that was the next step in this evolution of Tea-Drops. One Sunday morning at church I had an overwhelming desire to give up coffee and drink tea. This began my journey drinking Tea. All kinds of teas. Black teas, earl grey, green tea, and many different teas. Teavana became my new Starbucks. A whole new world was opened to me.

It did not take my wife long to begin connecting all the research she had done with the health benefits of drinking tea. With her creativity and cooking skills, she soon developed a special tea mixture that soothed my acid reflux. The only problem was that it tasted horrible. She took the tea and made It into a cough drop like lozenge. Tea-Drops was born. We gave out samples to everyone we knew who had indigestion, acid reflux, and stomach issues. The feedback and results were amazing. Friends and family were experiencing sweat relief. The dream had become a reality. We developed something that helped take away my heartburn and acid reflux. We know that Tea-Drops can help others suffering too.

In hindsight, I can now see how this product to help others can also help Open Door Relief Center help people too.

Sam Lamanna


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