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Man in Fl Keys Throwing out Appliances

Home appliances on roadway

I had the unique privilege of meeting a man named George in the Florida Keys. He was stopped on the side of the road. It resembled a makeshift dump. A gravesite for appliances once in someone's home . The smell of rot and decay hung in the air.

George seemed like he was still in a daze. After a few minutes of small talk, this gentleman told me he stayed through Irma's wrath. With tears in his eyes, he shared that it was the sound of the wind that was really scary. They say it sounds just like a tornado. I can only imagine how this haunts him as he tries to pick up the pieces of his life. He is not alone. Many other residents shared the same story. They wondered why they stayed. The relentless wind was something to fear and showed Irma's wrath on the little island in the Keys. It is sad to see people like this. Perhaps just knowing that someone cares. Someone who listens to the heartbreaking stories. Maybe it meant a lot to him. I know I will never forget George and the few minutes we talked next to the smelly appliance graveyard.

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