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Homelessness From Irma

The Sunshine State will take years to recover from the worst hurricane season on record. The further down the coastline, the need and disaster intensify. The Keys in particular. A security guard sits in the lonely car on the side of the road. They are there to make sure no one enters while the homeowners are away. Everyone in this trailer park suffered damage to their home. Every morning around 11am, they are there, looking for belongings among the sea soaked rubble. Stopping for a few minutes just to chat with other neighbors. Its heartbreaking. Imagine losing everything. Seeing this impact from Hurricane Irma really makes you step back and realize what is truly important. Family is important. Human life is important. Friends are important. We may lose things but at least we have each other to lean on for support.

Open Door Relief Center is "Refreshing the Human Spirit". We can help keep hope alive. Help make their life easier with added aid and support. Efforts to help people in the Florida Keys are underway. Consider joining us as we refresh the human spirit.

Homes Ruined From Irma

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