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Supplies Ready

When it comes to helping people, I don’t mind asking for help. I am a true believer that a little, if used correctly, can go a long way. We just need to pitch in. I have pitched in over the many years to help others, and now I can help in a much bigger way. As the director for Open Door Relief Center I have been able to talk to people locally and abroad about the true needs of their crisis and those recently affected by disaster. I went out to meet these needs and this project became bigger than I ever expected. Open Door Relief Center has a mission to bring aid to those affected by disaster and relief to children and families in crisis. Our aid will start in the form of household/hygiene supplies and paper products but will soon add food, medical supplies, school and office supplies and much more. I currently have ready for transport to Florida tractor trailer loads of supply, but need help to get them here.

I can take every $100 donated to open Door Relief Center and get $1,000 in supply for those in need. I can take every $1,000 donated to Open Door Relief center and get $10,000 in supply for those in need. I am looking for 100 people that would like to help get these tractor trailers of supplies to Florida. I have worked diligently to secure a location for these supplies and to get them to the people that need them.

If you want to make a difference, then join me in this effort.

All Donations are Tax deductible.

You truly get to help people in crisis and meet these needs.

Good stewardship means every dollar goes along ways to help others.

Businesses will be featured online and at our open houses.

Donate with me at

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